Hello and welcome to FinishlineHobbies.com.  Our business was started back in April 2000 as a web based hobby shop with a focus on customer service and selling a quality products while promoting the hobby industry.  The roots of the business go back to my involvement in R/C going back to 1985 with my first model, a Tamiya Frog.  I left New York back in 1992 for Phoenix, Arizona and became more involved with R/C since California is right next door and most of the manufacturers are in the Orange County area.  Since 9-11 my family and memories of New York are moreEmpire State Building in March 2002.

 important then ever and I will continue to promote good friendships and business transactions with all people everywhere.  The business was started as a avenue to reach other modelers and to open the hobby to as many young people as possible and also open the hobby back to people who were once part of it.  Through the years the R/C industry and hobby has changed and has become more competitive along with numerous innovations and great new products to choose from.  Since that time we ventured into doing business on Ebay for over eight years that but is now coming to an end due to rising Ebay costs.  Our business is set-up to sell new items along with the purchase of older vintage R/C parts, models, etc. to resell.  Our primary focus as of fall 2008 is to sell tank parts as our primary product line.  We promote the hobby locally here in Phoenix when time permits and also participate in local R/C tank battles and R/C races whenever possible to promote the hobby and teach younger people the rewards of learning how to build and operate R/C models.  We will continue to grow into the future and intend to open the hobby to as many people as possible and make sure all of our contacts, whether business or not are done with the highest degree of satisfaction. 

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Check out the races below that I have participated in:




Tamiya's TCS Regional Race #86 on 8-25-02 at Tamiya's U.S. HQ

76 racers showed up and packed the pit.

I raced my M03 Mini Cooper and placed 7th in both heats.  After getting a ton of help from a fellow racer I managed to place 4th in the B-main.  One hour before the B-main I was tearing apart my differential and packing it with grease.  I changed out the motor and prayed that my work would payoff.  It did with a fairly good last run.  Next year I will be racing the new Mini Cooper M03L and will move down the track like greased lightning!!  Watch out fellow racers!!  I had a blast at the track.  Everyone was great and the Tamiya reps were very patient and helpful.  The M class racing was great and the exhibition race with the Terra Crushers emptied the pits for the whole time they were on the track.  Well, got to get back to wrenching on my car.

Tamiya's TCS Regional Race #100 on 8-24-03 at Tamiya's U.S. HQ

This year I raced my M03L Mini Cooper and my TB01 Subaru Impreza in the Mini Class and the Tarmac Rally classes.  The Subaru won the Concours award for best of show in the Rally class and both cars did okay during racing.  Tamiya had a record number of race entries for this race due to the interest in the track and TCS racing created from the Reedy race earlier in the year at the facility.  I had a great time and racing was very intense.  The race day lasted almost thirteen hours due to two sets of 20 heats and 20 mains.  That was SIXTY races in one day!!! 

The picture to the left is the best of show picture.  That is me on the left with my Impreza.  Everyone was nice and the Tamiya reps were very patient and helpful.  I learned from this race that trying to run two cars can be overwhelming on race day but I had a great time and won a great set of TRF Shocks in the drivers drawing.  Til next year!  Well, got to get back to wrenching on my car!

Tamiya's TCS Regional Race #105 on 6-27-02 at Tamiya's U.S. HQ

This year was great!  I raced only in the mini class this year and came in sixth overall and ended up racing in the C-Main.  I entered my 94 Monte Carlo to win best of show but came in 3rd.  The racing was intense and we had 21 heats that we ran through twice to get the mains put together.  This came out to 63 races in one day!  The weather was perfect, the track was ready for us to do battle!  We started to show up at 6:00 am and did not leave until 8:00 pm ---what a long day!!  I learned what it takes to get in the A-Mains but will have to wait until next year but until then more local racing, backyard bashing and tearing up the street with my mini cooper!




My other obsession is Muscle Cars.  I am currently looking for a 68 or 69 Plymouth Road Runner.  Drop me a line if you have one sittin in your backyard.


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