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Tamiya & Team Associated Racing DVD's and CD's:

All DVD's and CD's are not region specific and will work on any machine.

All DVD's and CD's are shipped in slim-line jewel cases or soft sleeves.

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All DVD's and CD's are not originals-A reprint will be sent.

Tamiya 1998 R/C Collection CD:                                           fin 001                     $8.00


Vintage Tamiya 1998 R/C Collection of 22 Different Models CD with Video/Pictures/Reference/World Cup Race 97 Action & More!

-This CD is a blast to watch and is great for reference for that rebuild or restoration of any model issued in the late 90's!


Tamiya 2000 R/C Collection CD:                                           fin 002                     $8.00


Vintage Tamiya 2000 R/C Collection of 33 Different Models CD with Video/Pictures/Reference/World Cup Race 99 Action & More!

-This CD is a blast to watch and is great for reference for that rebuild or restoration of any model issued around the year 2000!


  Tamiya 2009 R/C Collection CD:                                           fin 003                     $8.00


Vintage Tamiya 2009 R/C Collection of 20 Different Models CD with Video/Pictures/Reference/World Cup Racing Action & More!

-This CD is a blast to watch and is great for reference for that rebuild or restoration of any model issued around the year 2009!

Tamiya MudBusters DVD Movie:                                               fin 004                     $8.00

Vintage Tamiya Mud Buster Movie from 1992 with tons of great action shot in the UK!

-This movie is a blast to watch and is a must for any Tamiya collector!

Tamiya  2001 R/C Parts Support System CD                            fin 005                     $8.00


Vintage Tamiya R/C Parts Support System CD from 2001 with over 200 parts lists and build references for older Tamiya models!

-This is a must for any Tamiya collector!

Tamiya Vintage Build Manuals CD                                            fin 006                     $8.00


Vintage Tamiya Build Manuals CD with 80 Older Tamiya models listed!

-It contains the following manuals: Astute, Audi Quattro Rally, Avante 2001, Avante, B2B Racing Sidecar, BigWig, Blackfoot, Blazing Star, Bruiser, Bullhead, Celica Gr.B, Cheetah, Clodbuster, CountachLP500S, CountachLP500, Datsun 280ZX, Dyna Tech Motor, Egress, Fast Attack Vehicle, Ferrai 312T3, Ferrari F40, Flakpanzer Gepard Tank, Ford F150 XLT, Holiday Buggy, Hot shot, Hotshot 2, JPS Lotus, Jaguar XJR, Jeep Wrangler, Ligier J59, Lunch Box, Mad Bull, Madcap, Martini Porsche 935, Martini Porsche 936, Mazda 787B, Midnight Pumpkin, Pajero, Monster Beetle, Nissan 300ZX, King Cab, Nissa R91CP, Porsche 959, Porsche 961, Renault 5, Rough Rider, Technigold Motor, Sand Rover, Sand Scorcher, Solar Eagle, Sonic Figher, Subaru Brat, Super Champ, Super Sabre, Super shot, Terra Scorcher, Boomerang, Falcon, Fox, Frog, Grasshopper 1 & 2, Hornet, Thunderdragon, Thundershot, Toyota Pick-up, Hilux, Mountaineer & MORE!

-This is a must for any Tamiya collector!

Tamiya Vintage R/C Parts Breakdown CD                                 fin 007                     $8.00


Vintage Tamiya R/C Breakdown Reference CD for 23 older Tamiya models!

-It contains the parts exploded diagrams for the following models: Avante, Big Wig, Blackfoot, BMW GTP, Boomerang, Bruiser, Clodbuster, Falcon, Hotshot 2, Lotus Honda 99T, LunchBox, Midnight Pumpkin, Monster Beetle, Porsche 926, Porsche 959, Sonic Fighter, Striker, SuperSabre, Super Shot, The Fox, Thunder Dragon, ThunderShot & Toyota Gr. B

-This is a must for any Tamiya collector!

Tamiya R/C Decal Collection:                                                     fin 008                     $8.00   

-This cd includes more than 65 Tamiya scanned decals. 

-Each decal contains the exact measurements for printing. 

-With this collection you can make your own decals for a runner and save rare and impossible find original sheets.

-These images can be printed at most print shops at about $2.00 per page and are best optimized for color laser printers.

-Do you need decals to finish that rebuild---well here they are.

-The CD includes the following models:

Toyota Hilux
Lotus Honda 99T
Mercedes SLK
Hotshot II
Opel Ascona 400
Opel Ascona 400 window mask
Ford Ranger F-150 Blackfoot
Ford Ranger
Lancia Rally
Blazing Blazer
Sand Rover
Super Champ
Sand Scorcher A
Sand Scorcher C
Sand Scorcher B
Wild Willy
Wild Willy II
Ford Escort RS Cosworth
Ford Escort RS Cosworth window mask
Ford Escort RS Cosworth details/Cockpit
Ford Escort WRC
Ford Escort WRC window mask
Ford Escort WRC window detail
Subaru Impreza WRC
Subaru Impreza WRC window mask
Subaru Impreza WRC yellow graphics
Volkswagen Beetle original
Volkswagen Beetle original window mask
Monster Beetle
Williams FW F1 11B
Lamborghini Countach
Super Shot
Fast Attack Vehicle
Jeep Wrangler
Super Sabre
Avante 2001
Audi Quattro
Audi Quattro body panels
Audi Quattro window mask
Mitsubishi Pajero
Porsche 911
Porsche 911 window mask
Porsche Turbo 936 Martini
Porsche Turbo 934
Porsche Turbo 934 Vaillant
Porsche Turbo 936 Martini
Porsche 959
Porsche 935
Wild One
Mini Cooper Racing UK flag
Ford Mondeo
Lancia Delta Integrale
Mini Cooper Monte Carlo

Tamiya 2 DVD Set of Models from the 80's through the late 90's:    fin 009            $12.00

-This DVD Set contains tons of Original Tamiya Promotional Videos from the U.S. Japan and Europe!

-In total the set contains almost 200 videos!!!!

-The DVD set covers models from the early 80's through 1999!

-As added bonus this dvd set also contains Tamiya's RC Collection Showcase, Original German Promos, Mini 4WD And Yacht Sailing Series.

-The DVD's includes the following models:

  1. XR311
  2. Cheetah
  3. Sand Scorcher
  4. Rough Rider
  5. B2B Side Car
  6. Ralt RT2
  7. Williams FW07
  8. JPS Lotus
  9. Can Am Lola
  10. Datsun 280ZX
  11. Holiday Buggy
  12. Sand Rover
  13. Volkswagen Gulf
  14. Renault 5 Turbo
  15. Ford Ranger
  16. Toyota 4x4
  17. Blazing Blazer
  18. Honda F-2
  19. Brabham BT-50
  20. Tornado RM
  21. Super Champ
  22. Wild Willy
  23. Willy's Wheeler
  24. Audi Quattro
  25. Opel Ascona
  26. Subaru Brat
  27. Lancia Rally
  28. Frog
  29. Porsche 956
  30. Toyota Toms
  31. Newman Porsche
  32. Grasshopper
  33. Mitsubishi Pajero
  34. Hornet
  35. Fast Attack Vehicle
  36. Hot Shot
  37. Bruiser
  38. Wild One
  39. Fox
  40. Boomerang
  41. Falcon
  42. Bigwig
  43. Blackfoot
  44. Porsche 959 (4WD)
  45. Monster Beetle
  46. Striker
  47. Toyota Celica (4WD)
  48. Clodbuster
  49. Thunder Shot
  50. Midnight Pumpkin
  51. Sonic Fighter
  52. Avante
  53. Thunder Dragon
  54. Grasshopper II (Grasshopper 2)
  55. Terra Scorcher
  56. Vanquish
  57. Race Promo
  58. Race Promo 2
  59. Buggy Hop-Up Parts
  60. RX-540SD Technipower Motor
  61. Tamtech Series
  62. Thunder Shot QD
  63. Aspec Radio
  64. Ex Racing Pack
  65. Thunder Tiger Tank

Disc 2

  1. TGX Mk.1
  2. King Hauler
  3. Globe Liner
  4. Blitz Toyota Supra
  5. AMG Mercedes Benz DZ
  6. Nissan 300ZX GTS
  7. Promarkt Zakspeed Mercedes
  8. Tom's Levin
  9. Honda Jaccs Civic
  10. Renault Clio Williams
  11. Ford Mondeo Touring Car
  12. Castrol Nissan Primera JTCC
  13. Sauber C12
  14. Ferrari 412 T1
  15. Newman Haas Lola T/93 00 Ford
  16. Rahal Hogan Lola
  17. Toyota Pre-Runner Racing Truck
  18. Chevy S-10
  19. Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4
  20. Rover Mini Cooper
  21. Alfa Romeo 155 V6 T1
  22. Honda Civic VT1
  23. Idemitsu Mugen Civic
  24. Super Hornet
  25. Jeep Wrangler QD
  26. Benetton Ford B192
  27. Lotus 107B Ford
  28. Blitzer Beetle
  29. Dyna Blaster
  30. Michelin Pilot Escort
  31. Toyota Celica
  32. Castrol Celica
  33. Stadium Race Truck TR-15T
  34. Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R
  35. Castrol Toyota Toms Supra
  36. BMW 318i STW
  37. Taisan Stockard 911 GT2
  38. TA03F Pro Belt Drive Racing Chassis
  39. Audi A4 STW
  40. Kure Nismo GT-R
  41. Blitz Toyota Supra GR.N
  42. AMG Mercedes Benz C-Class BT-2
  43. Volvo 850 BT-CC
  44. PIAA Accord VTEC
  45. Volkswagen Beetle
  46. Rover Mini Cooper Monte Carlo
  47. Williams FW18
  48. Lotus 107B Ford
  49. Stadium Thunder
  50. Fighter Buggy RX
  51. Dirt Thrasher
  52. Ford F-150 Racing Truck
  53. Honda CR-V
  54. Mercedes Benz 1850L
  55. Mercedes Benz 1838LS
  56. Isuzu Amigo Type-S
  57. TGX Mk.1
  58. Opel Calibra V6
  59. Porsche 911 GT-1
  60. Opel Calibra Califf
  61. Mitsubishi Lancer IV
  62. Nissan R390 GT-1
  63. Avex Dome Mugen NSX
  64. Calsonic Skyline GT-R
  65. Toyota Celica GT-4
  66. Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA
  67. Mercedes Benz SLK
  68. Honda S-MX Lowdown
  69. Porsche Boxster
  70. Porsche 911 Carrera
  71. PIAA Nakajima Reynard 97D
  72. F-103RX Chassis Kit
  73. King Blackfoot
  74. Mad Bull
  75. Blazing Star
  76. Voltec Fighter
  77. Thunder Blitz
  78. Ford Aeromax
  79. Castrol Mugen NSX
  80. Toyota Celica
  81. Mercedes
  82. Mercedes CLR GT-R
  83. Toyota Corolla WRC
  84. Wild Dagger

  85. Lexus GS 400

  86. Ford Focus WRC

  87. Subaru Impreza WRC '99

  88. Lexus IS 200

  89. King Tiger Tank

  90. Mitsubishi Lancer VI

  91. Mad Bison

  92. Alfa Romeo 156 Racing

  93. Audi R8R

  94. BMW M Roadster

  95. Calsonic Skyline GT-R

  96. QD Series

  97. Raybrig NSX '99

  98. Penzoil Nizmo GT-R

  99. Peugeot 206 WRC

  100. Toyota GT-1

  101. Suzuki Wagon R

  102. Wild Willy 2 (2000)

  103. Honda S2000

  104. Stadium Raider


    Tamiya Races

    1. Grasshopper 2

    2. Manta Ray

    3. Schnitzer BMW

    4. Bush Devil

    5. Bull Head

    6. Toyota Mountaineer 4X4

Vintage RC10 Video from 1989                                             fin 010                     $8.00   

-This DVD contains over 30 minutes of r/c car action from 1989 from Team Associated Drivers!

-The racing includes most of the main races including:

 -This video has outdoor footage, indoor racetrack footage shot out in California and interviews with factory team drivers from back then!

-This movie is about 30 minutes long and is a blast to watch!

-This video is has now been transfered to DVD due to the video being out of production and no longer available!

-You will receive a DVD copy of the original!

-The picture below is of the VHS tape and is for reference!

-The DVD version is viewable on any dvd player and is not country specific!

-It will be sent in a jewel case to avoid any damage!

-The video will play on all dvd computer drives and all dvd players and is not region specific.

-The DVD will be shipped in a slim jewel case for storage.



Team Associated Reference Library -Early Models 6982         fin 011                     $8.00   

-This CD contains over 25 Build Manuals to help you with restoring or maintaining your buggy, car or truck

-The Cd contains build manuals for the following models:

Off-Road Vehicles: RC10B2, RC10 Worlds Car, RC10 Graphite, RC10 Championship Edition 1992, RC10 Championship Edition 1990, RC10 Team Car, Original RC10

On-Road Vehicles: RC10L2, RC10L2 Oval, RC10LSS, RC10LS Oval, RC10LS, RC10L, RC12LC, RC12LS, RC12LW, RC12L, RC12I, RC12E, RC10 Nitro DS, RC300 pan car, RC500 pan car

Team Associated Performance Tuning Guide 6991                   fin 012                     $8.00    

-This CD contains over tuning guides for your Associated kits and ready to run models.

-The Cd contains tuning guides for the following models:

        NTC3, TC3, B3, B4, GT, T3, T4

-The information on this cd will help with repairs and getting your model running right to make sure it works on race day or out in the street!