Finishline Hobbies is proud to present the

Tank Tote

Tank Carriers for your Tamiya 1/16th scale tanks.


-Constructed of 1/2" hardwood plywood

-Rounded & Sanded Edges

-Steel hardware countersunk

-Can arrive finished in standard Krylon colors or unfinished for you to customize--take off $8.00

-Standard colors are Matt Black and Italian Olive

-Standard sizes: -Tiger and King Tiger -Sherman -Pershing -Jagpanther -Panzer IV -KV1 & KV2

-Built to custom sizes for extra space, custom tanks or Heng Long models

-Barrel and suspension protection

-Easy to carry with 1" dowel rod handle

-Protect your radio equipment in the compartment below

-Tiger 1 & King Tiger compartments are large enough for up to 2 transmitters & multiple batteries

-All tank carriers will be assembled before shipment

-Shipping costs per unit is $16.00 per unit by US Postal Service Parcel Post in the U.S.--please ask for international rates

-For multiple carrier orders please ask for a postage quote

-All carriers have a two week build time period followed by shipment

-All tank carriers are prepaid in full before produced.


Tank Carrier Cost:


Tamiya Sherman & Panzer IV:  $49.00

All remaining Tamiya Tanks:  $59.00

Standard shipping: 16.00

Custom Orders: please inquire

-Unfinished Carriers are $7.00 less


To order a tank please email the following information:


-Model that will be carried

-Custom size request if not a standard Tamiya tank

-Color requested or unfinished

-Where the carrier will be shipped to for a postage quote if outside the U.S.

-Multiple carriers order requests


-We will respond with a Paypal Money Request when finalized.


Please email this information to:


The following are pictures of the finished product.