Radio Control Buggy and Truck Posters!

Featuring Tamiya, Team Associated and Kyosho from the 80's through the 90's!

All Posters are printed on heavy grade glossy poster material!

-They are designed to last for many years and are perfect for your office, hobby room or garage!

-All of these posters originated from original publications!

-A great deal of time was used to ensure proper coloring and to remove any imperfections!

-Postage is $3.00 for your first and $1.00 extra for each additional.

-International postage is $8.00 for your first and $2.00 extra for each additional.

-All Posters are 11 inches by 17 inches.


Team Associated RC10 Poster from 1990                         FIN020                          $14.00

Team Associated RC10 Poster from 1988                                       FIN021                            $14.00 

Tamiya Grasshopper 2 Poster from 1990                                          FIN022                          $14.00 

Tamiya Clodbuster crushing a Tamiya Frog Poster from 1990             FIN023                          $14.00


Kyosho Raider Poster from 1989                                                           FIN024                         $14.00 

Kyosho Big Boss Poster from the early 1990                                       FIN025                          $14.00

Tamiya Bruiser Poster from the late 80's                                           FIN026                          $14.00

Tamiya Toyota and Chevy S10 Poster from the 90's                           FIN027                          $14.00

Tamiya The Fox Buggy Poster from the late 80's                            FIN028                          $14.00

Tamiya Mercedes Benz Poster from the early 90's                           FIN029                          $14.00

Tamiya Monster Beettle Poster from the late 80's                           FIN030                          $14.00

Tamiya Mud Blaster Poster from the late 80's                                FIN031                          $14.00

Tamiya Wild Willy Jeep Poster from the early 80's                          FIN032                          $14.00

Tamiya Sand Scorcher Rough Rider Poster from early 80's                  FIN033                          $14.00

Tamiya Frog Racing Buggy                                                                   FIN034                          $14.00


Tamiya Blackfoot Truck                                                                        FIN035                          $14.00


Tamiya Blackfoot #2                                                                                 FIN036                          $14.00


Tamiya Lunch Box                                                                                      FIN037                          $14.00


Tamiya Bullhead                                                                                         FIN038                          $14.00


Tamiya Avante                                                                                           FIN039                          $14.00


Team Losi JRX Pro Buggy                                                                           FIN040                          $14.00

Futaba Multi Brand Poster                                                                          FIN041                          $14.00